How To Collborate

Freelancing Is Changing The Way We Collaborate

Intuit, the QuickBooks people, produced a report called The Intuit 2020 Report in this report they make 20 predictions about the world in 2020. Here are some interesting trends from that Report:

There is so much more in this report, please click on the link and read it for yourself.

How we collaborate as Freelancers is key. At Freelancer Nation we are committed to being the "Home for Freelancers." We want you input (collaboration) in making your web platform the best. Here are current innovations, we can't wait to hear your ideas!

  1. Collaborate CoOp & Revenue Sharing. Our Cooperative Association (CoOp) is for our Members. If you are a Share Member and pay the "One-time" $240 Share Fee, you have "one-vote and one-voice" in how the CoOp governs. You will earn points (Patronage Points) that each month qualify you to SHARE in the revenue of the CoOp called the Patronage Refund.

  2. Members can be a) Freelancers, b) Employers & Business Owners, and c) Mentors.

  3. Mentors. A Freelancer Nation, if you are a Share Member, you can become a Mentor, a coach, consultant, or advisor and offer Members training for FREE or Fee in the LEARN Tool. See Collaborative Tools.
  4. Collaborative Tools. We have and intend to grow a full set of business tools to help our Members earn the most from Freelancer Nation. Each App, function, link, etc. are designed to earn Affiliate Income for the Members. Make sure you link from Freelancer Nation sow you can SHARE in this income as a Share Member.

  5. Patronage Points. Nearly every action you take on Freelancer Nation or CollaborateUSA will earn you points that can generate Patronage Refunds.

  6. Voice/Vote. We believe in a collaborative community, where you can express your voice, have others vote to agree or disagree with you. Start discussions and receive comments or your Thought Leadership.

  7. Much More Released Monthly!