11 Jul

#TheNation and Revenue Sharing

How Does Revenue Sharing Work?


As a Cooperative Association, each and every cooperative member (Share Members) is entitled to a piece of our overall profits.



A jointly owned enterprise engaging in the production or distribution of goods or the supplying of services, operated by its members for their mutual benefit, typically organized by consumers or farmers.


Being a jointly-owned cooperative, not only do Share Members get the right to earn Patronage Refunds monthly and yearly, but they also get a voting stake in the way things are operated.

Share Members Earn

Share Members pay for the right to be in the cooperative, which is why they get a portion of the revenue share. Keep in mind, it is free to use the platform as a “Free Member”, however that doesn’t give you rights in the actual cooperative and does not entitle you to profit sharing. So that $240 investment isn’t so much once you consider everything you get out of it.

It isn’t a free-ride for Share Members though. They still have to participate. The main focus is to get everyone to get together, stay active and participate for social good. Hence, the coop pays back to Share Members based on their share of participation, which is their Patronage Points compared to the total amount of Patronage Points allotted to all share members.

This is a common practice in cooperatives. Take a look at one of the better known coops – REI sporting goods. If you join the REI cooperative, you are given discounts and provided a cooperative refund each year. That cooperative refund is equal to a percentage of the amount of money you’ve spent at REI over the past year.

The one thing with REI’s cooperative refund is that it MUST be used at REI – Collaborative Coop (Freelancer Nation and Collaborate Nation) refunds are provided in digital currency, through PayPal. Use it wherever accepts cash, credit or debit!

Where does the network generate revenue?

We generate revenue through our MEMBERS ACTIVITY! When members are on our network and use things like our Collaborative Tools and Apps – we generate revenue. We have agreements in place with trusted companies and we put these in front of our members and these companies pay us! We have agreements in place with companies that can help our members. We have a number of business tools in our Collaborative App store to help those small business owners that are a part of our platform. We also have items for resale that can help those freelancers earn supplemental income. Soon you’ll even see a platform for resale and also products from Amazon – that’s right you’ll be able to make all of the SAME purchases through Amazon at the SAME prices you could otherwise, the only difference is that #TheNation receives a portion of that which is the released to share members!

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