26 Oct

Are Platforms Sharing In The Share Economy?

Whatever you call it, the Share Economy, Gig Economy, Collaboration, or Disruptive. In the 21st century, it is about Sharing! Or is it? Rachael Botsman in her book entitled What’s Mine Is Yours – The Rise Of Collaborative Consumption describes...
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22 May

FreelancerNation Blog: Secret of Wealth Creation

Consider wheat. From a single grain (seed) ultimately and entire field of wheat can be created. What is wealth? Most definitions say it is the accumulation of stuff, like money and assets. Certainly, it is that; but I say it...
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14 May

FreelancerNation Blog:  Expressing My VOICE

In the United States, we believe in our God-given inalienable rights to pursue life, liberty, and happiness – Our Freedoms! One of those precious freedoms is “Free...
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